The Right Questions to Ask

The questions you ask yourself are more important than the answers.

In fact, how you live your life derives from the questions you ask along the way!

Don’t believe me?

When Elon Musk set his eyes on space, it wasn’t originally to send his Tesla up to orbit the Earth, believe it or not...

He was actually trying to solve the food-on-Mars problem.

Musk had an idea for a "Space Greenhouse", and spent $100,000s on developing it.

He was about to start carrying out actual tests in space… but when he started shopping around for rockets, he realized that each one would cost him a few million dollars!

So, he asked himself, “Why are rockets so expensive?”

This question got him — and humanity — to SpaceX's reusable rockets and the edge of breakthrough achievements in space travel.

Tony Robbins
has an amazing quote in his book, Awaken the Giant Within:

Quality questions create a quality life.”

He goes on to say that your quality of life is a function of the quality of questions you ask yourself.

If you ask, “Why am I so fat?”

Your brain will answer, “Because I am stupid and have no willpower.”

But if you ask, “How could you use your vast resources to get into the best shape of your life?”

Your brain will offer, “I will eat the highest-quality healthy food…”

If you ask a more constructive question, you’ll find a more constructive answer.

Tony Robbins inspired me to start and end every day with the right questions.

I’ve been doing this nearly every day for the past 2 years.

And its positive effects have cascaded down from improvements to my emotional intelligence, to my business and personal relationships, to my actual annual revenue.

It took a long time to refine the perfect questions… but here they are for you to use starting now:

What one accomplishment can make you proud of yourself today?

This is the most common question I ask myself every day. It helps me be productive, focus on the most important task, and have the highest leverage.

I often spend over an hour trying to answer ONLY this question!


And when I finally figure out the answer, my day pretty much organizes itself.

General Mind Clearing

  • ​​What do you really want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How are you gonna achieve it?


  • What’s your #1 biggest game-changing opportunity?


  • What could you be grateful for?


  • What are your highest leverage activities?
  • What things, if they get done, will have the biggest impact?
  • What are 3 things you haven’t started yet because you’re pursuing perfection? How might you start them today?


  • Why are your ideal prospects — the ones who already know about you — NOT buying from you?
  • If you were competing against yourself, what weaknesses or chinks in the armor would you take advantage of?


  • Who are you gonna appreciate today?
  • What are you gonna teach today?
  • What can you leverage today?
  • What metrics should you focus on today?

End of the Week/Day

  • Did you spend enough time on the most important activities?
  • What would have ended up exactly the same, even if you had skipped it?

Take these questions and make sure you ask yourself them throughout the day. Or feel free to adapt them and develop your own.

And if you have a similar ritual, I’d love to hear it!

You can let me know here — I read and respond to every email myself!