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3 Amazing tactics to boost your ads' performance


Do you fail often?

No? Well you should try it…

At TCF, we make sure everyone does. Fail often. Fail hard. And fail soon.

It’s the inevitable cost of starting something new.

And we hold company-wide quarterly meetings — online now — where everybody transparently presents their 3 months of failures to the whole team.

We examine them together. We analyze them. And we come up with lessons so as not to repeat them in the future.

But recently I realized that even that’s not enough!

You see, in finance there’s a popular concept called Present Value (PV).

PV is the current value of a future sum of money — the value of the money you’ll get in the future, today.

And I came up with a way of applying this to the way we manage our campaigns. The way we manage our failures.

Rather than wait for failure to happen and discuss it after. Discuss it first.

Like PV, it’s important to think of this as something that has happened — even though it hasn’t occurred yet.

Before starting a campaign, the team gathers together and internalizes that they’ve already failed the project. Each person comes up with the 10 reasons that contributed to this failure.

When you think that something might fail, it’s not that scary.

But when you think of it as already having failed… you need to face yourself. Face your guilt. It’s like having a bucket of ice water thrown on your head.

Then, you can ‘travel back in time’ and wake up in the NOW. And you realize that you still have an opportunity to ‘magically’ prevent it.

By pushing yourself to the fullest. With 20/20 hindsight. And much more energy and persistence.

So next time you start something new, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Think of the failures that will happen before they happen.
  2. Adjust your strategy.
  3. Avoid failure.

We have already done this exercise a couple of times and it has worked very well.

I highly recommend you try it out.

Failing more and fast is good. Learning from your failures is great.

Facing your upcoming failures and preventing them is even better!

Turn Trade Show Participants into Partners

In preparation of failure, we have some great Know Hows this week!

Google Ad Hacks

Did you know that less than 2% of searchers ever go to the second or third Google page. And less than 5% ever scroll below the fifth result.

So your ad better be on the very top! How? Our Advertising expert Arpi found a genius hack to ramp up your ad rank right away!

Check it out in this week’s Know How Tutorial:

Turn Trade Show Participants into Partners

Social Media Marketing

Your real followers on Instagram are just ⅕ of your follower count. No matter what you do, just a few of your followers get to see your great posts on their feeds.

So how can you engage the remaining 80%? Check out Albert’s genius strategy to get your organic reach back under control.

Advanced Advertising

When you get a negative comment on your ad, what do you do? Hide it? No, no, no!

Use a unique style of testimonials, and bring the worst comments to center-stage. Want to find out how?

Check out Lena's 3 amazing tactics to improve your ads’ performance.

Influencer Marketing

Mega-Influencers are out. Nano-influencers are in.

They have more engaged audiences, are more affordable and approachable, and are aching to pitch your product. But with so many of them out there, it’s a lot of ground to cover if you want to discover them all.

Luckily, Sona developed an easy strategy to find the best 200 nano-influencers in your niche every day!

Bonus: More Advanced Advertising

Do you know if your Google ad actually pops up when a relevant search query is made?

With all the competition, it’s hard to know if yours is actually getting shown at all.

Thankfully, Elen discovered a function to find out if your targeted audiences actually see your Google ad! And what you can do if they don’t.

Are you ready to fail?



P. S. What was the worst Know How this week? Who failed? Leave a comment at the end of the article... no hard feelings!