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This is my superpower


At some point in our childhood, we all dreamed of having superpowers.

What was yours?

Reading people’s minds? Telekinesis?

Flying? Invisibility?

Did you get very far developing them?

Ever since I was little, I’ve always believed the most powerful superpower out there would be the ability to memorize everything.

Anything you hear or read. All the information you consume on a daily basis.

Books. Conversations. Meetings. Advice. Movies.

Sadly, my memory was never that good.

I always tried to enhance it using ‘traditional’ methods like eating honey, doing Japanese counting exercises, meditating, yoga, mind palaces, fish oil, sleeping…

And while some of these may have been useful to you, nothing ever really worked for me.

Until recently, when I discovered the absolute BEST method:

Note Taking!

I started using Roam Research as my go-to tool — and I strongly recommend it.

There are others that will get the job done too… Evernote, Notion, personal wikis…

The important thing is to make it a habit, so that you’re using your notes as your second brain.

Just check out this great article by Nat Eliason on how to use Roam and how note-taking can enhance your productivity.

As with any skill, you need to regularly invest time in it until it becomes a habit.

But this superpower is absolutely worth it!

You can stop trying to remember everything, or scanning through hundreds of pages of paper to find a note.

As you just won’t have to.

You just need to remember one thing:

Write down as much as you can in your tool.

Heard an interesting idea? Write it down!

Read an interesting article? Write yourself a summary!

Need to remember your tasks for the day? Write a todo list!

I’ve been doing it for 2 months now. And it’s slowly becoming one of my biggest productivity boosts in recent years.

I love it!

And now, check out this week’s Know How — I took notes during the whole session!

Can Facebook Groups be Profitable?

Running a Facebook Group is an intensive process. You need to keep your community engaged, give lots of value, and manage the occasional negativity.

In return, some people monetize their efforts by marketing others’ products.

But now, you can use branded tags and even offer paid memberships to your Facebook Group and make sure your content is even more authentic!

Facebook doesn’t have the metric you need? Create it!

Any Facebook Ads specialist has spent time scanning the 40+ metrics the platform offers to analyze the results of their ads’ performance.

But what happens when you need something else?

Or when you find what you need, but it’s hidden behind 3 menus?

Discover how to create your own custom metrics and display them exactly where you need them in this short Know How!

How do you manage all your emails?

I have over 5 email addresses.

Work ones. Personal ones. Shared business accounts. Campaign ones…

I’m constantly signing in and out, or have a bunch of open tabs hogging my memory.

But this week, we discovered the perfect extension to manage multiple Gmail accounts in one place!



P. S. What note-taking tool do you use? Hit reply and let me know your experience with it!

P. P. S. And if you have any hacks to read people’s minds, let me know those as well! ;)