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silly mistake got 12x return on facebook ads

Hey Growth Hacker,

A week ago we finished our UVMask campaign — we raised over $3.5M!

It was a super-challenging campaign. And it came with many small and big wins.

Soon, we will publish a very detailed case study that reveals all the secrets and strategies.

But I couldn't resist giving you a little exclusive preview first!

As I’m sure you’ve guessed already, Facebook advertising was one of our main traffic sources.

We had some really great results from our ads — particularly this one:

Notice something?

Yep! UVMask just “Lunched” instead of “Launched”!


Did we turn it off? Nope!

Instead, this silly mistake brought us most of our early advertising results.

You see, the Facebook algorithm rewards advertisers for high rates of engagement.

And can you guess which form of engagement has the highest impact?


When the ad went live, a lot of people were eager to “correct” us. Nobody could resist commenting that it’s not “Lunched” but “Launched”.

And as comments are one of the highest forms of engagement, Facebook’s algorithms showed it to more people. And we noticed some abnormally high conversion rates!

So instead of turning it off, we started to join the jokers in the comments, and began making our own jokes too.

It’s always good to face your mistakes and make fun of them, especially when they’re the reason for great results!

So what lesson did we learn?

Will we start filling our copy with mistakes from now on?

Absolutely not!

There’s a big risk that this will backfire. That people will start reporting them. And that Facebook will block the ads.

Instead, it drove home the lesson that our copy has to provoke commenting.

It can be questions, opinions, jokes...

And stay tuned for our upcoming revolutionary ad format that nobody will be able to resist!

We're testing it now, and can assure you that you've NEVER seen something like this on Facebook before ;-)

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